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June 2009

Added the gallery section. Upgraded the scrollbar to handle mouse scrollwheel events.

February 2009

Increased the maximum dimensions of the site and added dynamic width and height. Added a JavaScript scrollbar widget to the information panels. Re-built the web-site carousel widget so it degrades a lot more gracefully without JavaScript.

January 2008

The web site is being updated so most of the sections are down for the time being.

September 2005

Despite the superior intellect, Old Smiley lost the war. Old Smiley Productions will be absorbed into LiZARD MAN STUDiO. With no competing factions Lizard Man Productions officially becomes LiZARD MAN STUDiO.

April 2005

Lizard Man wants it all and Old Smiley isn't about to just roll over and take it. LiZARD MAN STUDiO and Old Smiley Productions have officially gone to war! TEST

March 2005

Added 2005 gallery section.

January 2005

Added animated sequences for the two divisions of Lizard Man Productions: LiZARD MAN STUDiO and Old Smiley Productions to the Flash section.

November 2004

Welcome to Lizard Man Productions Online Portfolio of web design, graphic design, illustration, art, Flash design and animation.