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The client, China City Group, has a chain of Chinese restaurants with branches across London including Chinatown and Russell Square.

The client required a web-site that would allow potential customers to see exactly what each branch had to offer in terms of food, ambience, and facilities such as private dining rooms and karaoke. The web-site would also be used to notify customers of any events or promotions that would be held. The solution was a web-site and admin panel built with ASP.NET (in C#), the Yahoo! User Interface library and MySQL.

The web-site features photographs, 3D Virtual Tours, menus, and a news & promotions section on the homepage. It originally had an online booking system that utilised a custom Ajax scheduler control that allowed customers to book tables and private rooms in real time. This feature has been temporarily deactivated due to a lack of staff to man the computers.

The admin panel allows staff to enter, check and cancel reservations, send customer service e-mails and add News and Promotions entries.